Fees and Funding

Our fees offer a 5% discount for standing order or BACS payments, as the bank charges are less and we feel it is fair to pass this saving to you.
We also offer a discount on siblings, this ranges from 2% to 5% depending upon the amount of children we look after.


Childcare vouchers
We accept childcare vouchers from many companies including Edenred, Care4, Busy Bees, RG Childcare, Kiddivouchers and Sodexo.  If your employer uses a different company please let us know and we will be happy to register with them too.
Care2learn – this funding is available to young people still in education that need childcare and we are registered to accept this funding.
2 year old funding

The government have given eligible parents 15 hours of childcare for the term after a child reaches 2, your eligibility can be checked on Stoke Council website, under 2 year funding.
We are happy to accept children for 2 year funding and hours can be 3 hours per day (9am-12am), or 5 hours over 3 days (9am – 2pm) or 7.5 hours over 2 days (9am -4.30pm) all subject to availability at the setting.

3 and 4 year funding

ALL children are entitled to 15 hours early years education, the term after they are three. Our funding hours are 3 hours per day (9am-12am), or 5 hours over 3 days (9am – 2pm) or 7.5 hours over 2 days (9am -4.30pm) all subject to availability at the setting.

The children are entitled to stay at the setting until they go to school, and this can be the term that they are 5. Though many children do go earlier they can stay with us too.

College and University
Many parents can claim back their fees through the education route.  We are happy to complete the necessary paperwork for you to claim this back, if you are entitled to.
30 Hours Funding

The government have recently introduced 30 hours of funded childcare for working parents the term after the child is 3.  You can see if you are eligible at www.childcarechoices.gov.uk 

We are happy to accept children entitled to 15 and 30 hours subject to availability of spaces being available.

Our Pricing Structure

Fees 2020

Out of School Fees 2020

What's Included?

Apart from a fun packed day with lots of activities and opportunities for your child.

The morning session includes breakfast and a freshly cooked lunch.
Afternoon session includes tea, (this is a light tea i.e sandwiches).
A healthy snack is provided morning and afternoon, and drinks of milk or/and water with each meal and throughout day as needed.

We make up bottles up as needed, as per your instructions, to ensure they are fresh when given. All we ask is you provide sterile bottles each day, all formulae will be provided by us. You simply inform us of your baby’s requirements.

Weaning babies will be given suitable nursery food pureed to their individual weaning needs. If you wish your child to have your home produced food or jars you will be required to provide them.

Nappies are to be provided by parents/carers, as experience tells us, each has their own preferences.
We provide baby lotion and/or wipes, but if children have any allergies or specific requirements parents are requested to supply their own.

Terms & Conditions


  • The setting is open from 7.30am – 6.00pm. 
  • Monday to Friday all year round except for bank holidays and the days between Christmas and New Year. 
  • Children collect after this time will be charged at £10.00 per 30 minutes, which will be paid directly to the staff.  After one hour the late collection policy will come into force.


  • Fees will be revised January each year. 
  • Parents are required to pay at the beginning of each week or month.
  • Standing Order is the preferred method of payment. 
  • Late fees will incur an administration charge, and collection of debts will also incur all administration charges on top of the outstanding amount.
  • All sessions booked and not attended for any reason will be charged for at the full rate.
  • Four weeks notice is required to terminate a place at the setting.
  • Children who only attend in term time are required to pay a 25% retainer in the holidays.
  • Children are allowed  3 weeks fees at 50% for holidays that can be taken with notice at any time of the year, one of these weeks will be used at Christmas close down.
  • All holiday club places need to be booked in advance to ensure correct staffing ratios.
  • Full fees for bank holidays unless part of your annual holiday weeks.
  • Full fees are payable for all other absences whether for illness or holidays.


  • Parents are asked to read all policies which are displayed on the notice board.
  • Children will be collected from school using the company mini bus, staff car or by walking.  There is no additional charge for this service.  All vehicles carry appropriate insurance, MOT and road tax.  We reserve the right to change the method of collection between these if necessary.  Any other methods i.e taxi will be by parental arrangement.
  • Parents are asked to inform us if children are not at school for any reason.

A Universally funded place of 15 hours per week term time is available the term after the child is 3. This does have certain restrictions i.e must be over at least 2 days, further details will be given on request. This funding is taken off your childcare fees in hours

Some parents may be eligible for 2 year funding (15 hours) or working parents may be eligible for 30 hours funding

There is approximately 5% discount on monthly standing order payments. Standing orders or monthly payments can also be worked out to ensure you are paying the same all year round, to help with the budgeting of non term time.

Discounts are also given for siblings.

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